Success Stories

Examples of Actual FRS Staff Members Career Paths

D. D. (Active Employee)

  • Hired Oct 2003 as an Account Manager
  • Promoted to Team Lead 2004
  • May 2005 Promoted to Orientation Trainer

A. B. (Active Employee)

  • Hired Sep 2008 as an Account Manager
  • Aug 2009 Promoted to Team Lead
  • May 2010 Promoted to Auditor
  • April 2011 Promoted to Orientation Trainer

G. S. (Active employee)

  • Hired Nov 2004 as an Account Manager
  • May 2005 Promoted to Team Lead
  • June 2007 Promoted to Recruiter

H. B. (Active employee)

  • Hired June 1996 as an Account Manager
  • May 2005 Rehired as Employee Developer
  • June 2006 Assumed Team Lead Role
  • Aug 2006 Promoted to Production Manager
  • May 2008 Promoted to HR Manager

M. B. (Active Employee)

  • Hired Oct 2002 as an Account Manager
  • April 2006 Promoted to Team Lead
  • Feb 2010 Promoted to Production Manager

R. L. (Active Employee)

  • Hired April 2007 as an Account Manager
  • 2008 Promoted to Team Lead
  • Nov 2010 Promoted to Employee Developer

J. M. (Active Employee)

  • Hired Aug 2003 as an Account Manager
  • 2007 Promoted to Team Lead
  • Feb 2009 Promoted to Production Manager

J. B. (Active Employee)

  • Hired Nov 2004 as a CSR
  • 2008 Promoted to Customer Support Manager

J. A. (Active Employee)

  • Hired June 2009 as an Account Manager
  • May 2010 Promoted to Training Room Assistant
  • Sep 2010 Promoted to Team Lead
  • May 2011 Promoted to Employee Developer
  • July 2011 Promoted to Production Manager

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